Who We Are

TurKal was born from the vision of two companies.

Our mission is to creat a seamless supply chain from local markets to finished products.

We have established a system in which while providing safe food products on the one hand, we are promoting sustainable agricultural practices for growing herbs and seed spices on the other.
We are amongst the leading producers of organic herbs and essential oils.
We are fiercely dedicated to meeting customer’s individual needs.

TurKal is part of the Kalustyan Family

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  • We follow up the coordination of global food safety and comply with the relevant quality standarts.
  • Our knowledge is then shared through the quality centers of excellence in Union, New Jersey / U.S. and İzmir / Turkey.
  • TurKal is a key contributor to global sustainability initiatives.
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Global Food Safety Commitment

Global Food Safety Commitment At TurKal food safety is our top priority; whatever we embark upon, we have the safety of our customers in mind. As part of the global Kalustyan family we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our global customers. We bring together the knowledge and experience of food safety professionals from around the world by utilizing the center of excellence approach.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is that the highest possible standards of food safety, quality and hygiene are achieved throughout all of our processing activities. This is possible through the management of our HACCP and HARPC systems that involve a regular and methodical assessment of each step in the production process. This modality incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and processing environment, rather than a reactive approach.

As a company involved in food processing we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure that good standards of food hygiene are maintained. All necessary steps will be taken throughout the processing phase to ensure food safety and quality; and fulfillment of customer expectations is upheld. It is the responsibility of senior management to communicate the above requirements to all members of staff. Thus the realization of the Quality Policy is achieved through the following:

Implementation and management of the company's food safety and quality management system in accordance with the GFSI (BRC) standard, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and EU Food Safety Regulations.
Ensuring that all staff are aware of and have an understanding of the company's Quality/Food Safety Policy and commitment to Quality & Safety.
Providing the adequate training for the members of the staff to a level commensurate with their work activity.


Herbs & Spices

Essential Oils


TurKal is a key contributor to global sustainability initiatives.



TurKal Tarım Ürünleri İth.İhr.Tic. ve San.

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Email : info@turkal.net

Tel : +90 (232) 853 25 10



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